What's happening at the farm

24 October 2017


For those who have purchased green walnuts (before the hard shell has formed and used for pickles, sweets, liqueurs etc) from us in the past we advise that Kookootonga has discontinued this business. We will no longer be picking green walnuts in late November and early December. We suggest that you google search 'green walnuts' for your future purchases. Thank you for your support of our green walnut business in the past and we hope you are able to find an alternative supply.

Thank you if you visited us during the March/April season and purchased chestnuts and walnuts in 2017 and we hope you return in March/April 2018.  

Always check this site immediately prior to your visit for any last minute updates.  Our most frequently asked question is 'when is the best time'...answer... check this site, it is always updated so it will be the best information you can get. You may also like to know that week days are much less busy than weekends; and that because of their huge popularity the demand for walnuts often exceeds what our trees can supply. 

There are a few important things to consider when you visit our farm.

Do not climb or throw objects at the trees as the risk of falls and injuries is too high and the nearest hospital is 45 minutes drive away.

You do not need to bring any equipment.  When the nuts are ready they fall to the ground and are gathered from the ground.

Bookings are not required for groups arriving by car; if you are planning to bring a group by coach bookings are ESSENTIAL.  As weekends are so busy we do not accept bus bookings for weekends, only on week days.

There are no EFTpos or credit card facilities available, chestnuts are $8 per kilo and walnuts $10 per kilo.

If you are arriving in a group of several cars be aware that the parking facilities are limited.  Also be aware that walking from the parking area and around the farm may be challenging for those whose mobility is impaired.  There are areas in our paddocks which are not wheelchair friendly.

NO dogs are allowed on the farm as we need to consider our own dogs and many customers may not be comfortable with dogs.

No picnics are allowed on the farm. The nearest picnic grounds are in Mount Wilson, nearest service station and cafes are Mount Victoria or Bilpin - please check our map.

It is a good idea to bring good quality gloves to protect you from chestnut burrs and other hazards.  We have gloves for sale.

Please avoid areas where farm machinery and equipment is stored or where hazard tape or rope barriers have been installed

All children must be under the constant supervision of an adult. 

The map, faqs and links pages on our site are well worth a look, many customers have told us that they have been very helpful.